RIA Steve Jobs

Of course, the day I go on blog hiatus, something important happens that warrants a post. So scratch that, reverse it.

As I sat at my desk this evening, typing away, my computer made the “e-mail!” sound. I opened up Gmail and there it was: “Steven P. Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, Dies.

At first I couldn’t believe it – he was only 56 years old! He was Steve Jobs. He couldn’t just die. He was Apple to me (not saying that there aren’t plenty of wonderful people at Apple… but, well, he was Steve Jobs).

I read about his death on my MacBook Pro. How many Apple products have I owned? A desktop, two laptops, three iPods, and iPhone… not to mention I’m an avid user of iWork, iTunes, the App Store. All of these wonderful things invented by Jobs’s creative genius.

When I was doing my undergrad, we had a Mac computer lab – because the honest truth is that most music programs are easier to use on a Mac. At least they were for me. I remember sitting in our student lounge area (also known as The Vortex – it sucks you in) and chuckling with the other students – because there would be nine or ten of us with our MacBooks on our laps.

My dad even called to make sure that I had heard the news. What can I say? I’m a Mac woman, through and through. And while some of you out there aren’t (I know you’re out there), you can’t deny that Jobs was a great presence in our world, a one-of-a-kind inventor, an innovator, an amazing person. The keynote presenter in the black turtleneck is not going to be someone you forget.

Apple isn’t done – but it will certainly be different without Jobs’s guidance. We can only hope that the company will soldier on.

RIA Steve Jobs. 

(Blog hiatus resumes in 3… 2… 1…)

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4 responses to “RIA Steve Jobs

  1. I think it’s been fairly obvious to people who were paying attention that Jobs has been sick for some time. Unfortunately, truly brilliant men rarely live long lives. His absence in the industry is going to leave a yawning chasm that few will be able to readily fill.

    • Just because a person has been sick for a long time doesn’t make losing them any easier. I’m saying this from personal experience, not just about a person I never knew. But I agree that Jobs left some pretty big shoes to fill.

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